smile gallery

Case 1

page2-img1Before: Discoloured, short, worn-down (attrition), and heavily-filled upper incisors. Patchy colours to teeth.

After: Four new all-porcelain crowns (no metal in crowns), to rebuild lost length to teeth, and give more uniform colour.

Case 2

page2-img1Before: Twelve old veneers with old dull porcelain. Old veneers kept on popping off because they were built to a pre-existing deep overbite, and thus unstable for the porcelain work. Infected and cracked lower right bridge that required removal.
After: Gum-lift procedures done on upper and lower teeth. Twelve new all-porcelain zirconia (high-strength) crowns were bonded on (increased stability), with new comfortable bite. The new colour gives a brighter, more beautiful smile. It is ongoing treatment where new implant-supported bridge will replace failed long prosthesis in the lower right area.

Case 3

page2-img1Before: Two older-material bridges, built by a ‘specialist dentist’ to a deep-overbite with the lower teeth. Patient was suffering with ringing in the ears as a result of his incorrect and poor bite.
After: Gum-lift procedures done on the upper teeth. Two new high-gold alloy based porcelain bridges were placed to correct the patient’s bite. Tinnitus (ringing) went away. Patient can now enjoy a comfortable mouth without the metal showing at the gum line.

Case 4

page2-img1Before: Crooked, rotated teeth. Infected posterior and some anterior teeth. Old, patched up lower partial denture.
After: As finances were a concern, patient opted for less costly bonding of anterior teeth to restore to an improved smile. Upper posterior teeth were replaced with short span bridges. Lower missing teeth were replaced by a new light-weight partial alloy-framework denture. Occlusion (bite) is much more even and balanced, and patient has much better overall function.

Case 5

page2-img1Before: Missing, decayed Teeth. Infected and unhealthy teeth.

After: Remaining teeth were fully repaired with fillings and endodontic treatment. A strong, single, high gold-alloy based porcelain bridge was placed, spanning 10 teeth. Patient now has a pain-free confident and beautiful smile. It is ongoing treatment where implants will replace the missing teeth in the lower area of his mouth.

Case 6

page2-img1Before: Worn, crooked front teeth, with central gap.

After: Restored with a combination of 6 all-porcelain (metal-free) crowns and veneers, which blend in well in colour. Ideal length, and proportions of the 6 front teeth are achieved with closure of gap.

Case 7

page2-img1Before: Discoloured, short, worn-down (attrition), and heavily-filled upper incisors. Patchy colours to teeth.

After: Four all-porcelain crowns (metal-free), to restore with better colour, strength, proportions and aesthetics.


Case 8

page2-img1Before: Congenitally-missing lateral incisors (2 side incisor teeth never developed at childhood). Rotated and crooked teeth despite previous orthodontic treatment.

After: Restoration with 2 short span all-ceramic (metal-free) bridges, and 2 veneers. Smile make-over of eight teeth in total.

Case 9

page2-img1Before: Orthodontic treatment can now be done safely for every stage of life (young or adults). Dr. Lee performs all the placement and adjustment of braces throughout the entire treatment, not done by hygienist.


Case 10

page2-img1Impant: Replacement of missing teeth with titanium implants and porcelain crowns. Dr. Lee performs all the steps in implant dentistry, from the surgical placement to the final porcelain restoration. This is important for total control of the angle of both the titanium implant and the crown for better function. This also offers convenience for the implant patients, as they do not need to go to other offices for the surgical placement.